Not Haunted

No Ghosts Here

Our house may be old.  It might look like the munster’s.  You might hear a weird noise every now and again, but under no circumstances is this place haunted. No no no. In no way at all. It annoys me a little bit that people are so flippant about claiming that buildings are haunted.  I’ve been into places before that have made me feel a bit queasy and unsettled but I don’t think that’s because of anything paranormal, more like paranoia on my part.  Who wouldn’t feel a bit funny in an old, dark, unfamiliar house?  It’s so easy to palm our uneasiness with being alone off on ghosts and hauntings.

Thankfully our house doesn’t have any dark and eerie corners to feel spooked by, we’re lucky that it’s a bright and happy home, I’d hate it if people walked in and got a shiver down their spine.

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