victorian bath cast iron

I haven’t had a Bath in 5 Years…

I just can’t bring myself to do it… and herein lies my dilemma.

We have the original bath in our house.  It’s a massive cast iron Victorian beast.  Deep enough to swim in and easily wide and long enough for 2 people.  But it’s a nightmare.  It takes an age to fill and costs an absolute fortune in water.  It’s being used as storage at the moment.

My issue is this: supposedly Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier used to stay at out house and if they did, they would definitely have carried out their ablutions in this bath.  To remove it from the house means we’ll have to smash it to pieces to get it down the stairs. A travesty to destroy such a beautiful piece of history, but is it a necessity?  We have a huge bathroom and I don’t think we’re utilising the space effectively.  I’d love to install a massive luxury walk in shower but I don’t know if I can sacrifice our house’s history for it…

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