To Sheet or Not to Sheet… that is the question!

I’m having a disagreement with Mr Yannon at the moment. I think we need to have cotton sheets underneath the duvet.  He doesn’t. I just think that with the weather being so changeable, it’s nice to have the option of being snuggled up under a feather duvet with the option of throwing it off during the night and still being kept warm by a lovely cotton sheet. And I mean cotton, none of this poly-cotton stuff here thank you very much! I know there’s an awful lot of ironing involved in flat sheets, but Yannon Holiday is a luxury holiday home and our guests expect nothing less than the best. And anyway, I don’t do the ironing so I’m not bothered!

I’d be interested to hear your views.. To sheet or not to sheet. Do sheets annoy you because you get caught up in them or are they an absolute must?

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