Sustainability at Yannon Holiday

At Yannon we are as conscientious as possible towards the environment and try to preserve the glorious surroundings we’re lucky enough to live in as much as we can.

As the building is over 150 years old, we are very aware of the amount of energy that can be wasted due to central heating and the over use of modern conveniences.  Where possible, we ask that if you feel the cold, why not cuddle up with a loved one or snuggle under one of the many cosy throws and blankets that are dotted around the house.  If you do have the heating on, please shut the doors and be aware that the corridors and hallways will always feel colder than the centrally heated rooms.  We have had a new boiler fitted that is the most eco-friendly one available for a house of this size, you’ll be amazed at how warm Yannon becomes when the radiators are on.  We also offer the option of an open fire during winter months which heats the sitting room and all the rooms where the chimney is situated beautifully.  We had the roof completely replaced in 2014 after the Christmas storms that battered the South West; we also had it fully insulated and lined as when we bought the house, it still had the original Victorian tiles on the roof – no wonder it leaked so much!


In regards to energy sustainability, all the bulbs in the lights are low energy – they may not produce the brightest light, but they do save energy.  The low lighting adds to the effect of being in an old house.

We have dual flush loos which dramatically reduce the amount of water used and the shower we currently have in place is a 9.5kw with a water flow monitor installed in it.  We’re hoping to get a new, mains shower installed this year which feeds off the boiler and uses even less water than a conventional electric shower.

As featured on the site, we do have the original Victorian bath in the house.  It’s a beast.  Goodness knows how many gallons of water it takes to fill it.. it’s not an environmentally friendly soak!  To help with this, we provide a ‘Babydam’ ( which is a removable partition that goes across the middle of bath so your little ones can still splash about every night, but not waste loads of water.  If the more grown up members of your group fancy a bath, it’s big enough to fit two.  ;o)


All household waste is recycled where possible to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill.  There are recycling bins in the cupboard in the kitchen and we do encourage our guests to use these as much as possible.


We’re lucky enough in Teignmouth to have great public transport links.  We have a mainline train station 5 minutes away from the house so there’s the option to travel here without a car.  Once you’re in Teignmouth there are regular buses from the numerous stops and obviously the train.  There’s also a passenger ferry that can take you over to Shaldon which is well worth a visit.

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