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The walls are covered – Wallpaper and Interior Design at Yannon Towers – Yannon Towers

The walls at Yannon Towers used to be painted cold ice blue in the sitting room, apricot in one of the attic rooms and pink and blue in another bedroom; not particularly Victorian and in some instances, a bit garish, the wallpaper that was here has been painted over and it was pretty tired looking.

I’ve had a bit of manic wallpapering session recently.  I went for a meal at The Elephant in Torquay (Michelin starred, would highly recommend) and in the lady’s loos they have the most amazing reproduction William Morris wallpaper.  I was inspired to do some research and find some wall coverings that were Victorian in style but also modern enough to fit in with the quirky decor we already have in the house.

I started my search (and finished) at Graham and Brown where I found lots of different designs I liked, most of which i’ve saved to Yannon’s Pinterest page if you’re interested.

For the games corridor and sitting room we decided to get a really over the top flock wallpaper in deep red.  The design is called ‘Bordeaux Bordello’ and it’s fab.  It’s a bit over the top, typically Victorian and it makes the high ceiling-ed sitting room feel warm and cosy.  For the hallway, I chose a reproduction of a William Morris contemporary, called ‘Squirrels and Doves’ in the linen colour-way.  It’s a really jolly paper with, well, squirrels and doves on it.  A few of the wallpapers I have in the house have an animal theme, the best of them all is the Quentin Blake ‘Cockatoos’ design in the nursery.  It’s bright and bold and makes me smile every time I walk into the room.

The most recent wall covering project i’ve embarked on (at 8 months pregnant!) is the kitchen.  We originally had it painted a muted yellow with a contrasting single wall of paper.  I felt this was a bit too like my student digs in London, so it was back online to the Graham and Brown store where I found a reproduction of the original paper from the dining room at the Ritz in London.  It’s a damask paper (which covers all lumps and bumps) in a cream and gold colour.  It sounds over the top with the gold, but you only notice this element of it when it’s dark outside and the lights are on in the room, it has a gentle sparkle that illuminated the kitchen.  Now all I have to do is convince husband to let me change the tiles and it’ll be perfect.

Wallpaper isn’t to some people’s taste, but I think in a house like this, it adds to the quirky vibe we’re trying to produce and as I said before.. it hides a multitude of sins!

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