Secret garden ideas

Spring is in the air at Yannon Towers

Finally, the sun is out, spring is in the air and it’s time to get out into the garden again.  Well, it would be if i wasn’t 37 weeks pregnant and finding it impossible to get my shoes on, let alone get down on my hands and knees to do some weeding and planting!

The weather has been glorious for the last week here in Teignmouth and the house really comes alive when the sun is tearing its way through the windows at the front of the building.  The heating has been turned down, although Mr. P is still moaning about how hot it is in here, and all the doors are being left open so the sunlight pours into all the rooms and corridors.  The sitting room and kitchen are especially wonderful at this time of year, you can see why the chap that built this house, Robert Moir, built it here on top of the hill, not only are the views outstanding but the amount of light that fills the house makes you feel positively uplifted.

We’ve also decided to get a row of trees at the bottom of the garden removed.  Most of them are dead and look pretty unsightly and we want to make the garden more secure by putting up a fence as well.  It’ll be a bit of a mission, but we have an amazing company of tree surgeons called Teign Trees who are hopefully going to come and chop them down for us.  Mr. P would do it himself, but i’ve forbidden him on this occasion as I want it done quickly – and he does sometimes get a bit carried away with his beloved chainsaw…

I’ve also compiled a list of plants i’m going to buy, i’ve created a board on our Pinterest page with lots of ideas of what i’d like to achieve.  A vegetable patch, new grass, a secret garden area with the most amazing toadstool table and chairs set i’ve found at a local lifesize model company (their showroom is well worth a visit when you come and stay at Yannon Towers, they have the most incredible collection of models.) and a general tidy up.  We have a large, raised area at the front of the house that needs a lot of work doing to it as well, but it’s on a steep slope above a retaining wall so I have no idea what to do up there… maybe a wild flower area so we can attract some bees and butterflies.

Out into the garden I go, even if it is just to sit down and rest – this being pregnant and doing nothing lark is exhausting!


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