Yannon Towers is Dog Friendly

Yannon Towers: Dog friendly accommodation

Here at Yannon Towers, we’re certainly dog friendly accommodation.  I’m happy for guests to bring their beloved pooches to the house because I completely understand how hard it is to leave your furry friend behind when you go away.  Mr P and I even took our dog away on honeymoon with us – that’s how dedicated we are to him!

The house is very dog friendly, we have an enclosed area of garden if your dogs are as unruly as ours – they assume that everyone who passes the house wants to see them so they’re pretty gung-ho about charging off into the road to greet a visiting car – hence the fence.  Although they’ve both figured out how to jump over it so it’s not working as well as it should be, but i’m sure your well trained dogs will be more than happy to stay on the lawn, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.  There’s also a large area down the bottom of the garden where they can investigate smells and what lurks beneath the trees.

There are loads of lovely areas to take the dogs walking as well – the main beach in Teignmouth has certain areas that are closed to dog walkers during the summer months but there is always a dog dedicated end where you can go. There is Ideford Common (https://www.teignbridge.gov.uk/article/2647/More-about-Ideford-Common) which is a great place to let the dogs run about, but please be aware that there are certain times of the year when dogs have to be on leads because there are species of birds that nest on the ground and are protected, and you may also come across a few adders, so just keep an eye out.  We’re also not far from Dartmoor (http://www.visitdartmoor.co.uk/) which is a vast expanse of gorgeous moorland, but again, please be aware of the animals who live up there – Dartmoor ponies aren’t afraid to lash out at dogs who hassle them.

We’re so lucky to live in an area that is dog friendly, so please feel free to bring your pets – just let me know before you book so I can plan to leave them a few treats in the welcome hamper!




photo courtesy of LRB Photography: https:www.facebook.com/photography.lrb/



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