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Not so much of a backwater: Yannon Towers

Teignmouth is not so much of a backwater.  A lot of people think that because it’s in Devon and an ‘old school’ seaside town that it’s not really very ‘happening’, but as I was walking around the town today, I started to list the events that have happened over the years, and there are quite a few.

The most memorable one for me was when local band Muse, (yes, Muse are local boys!) in 2009, started their ‘Resistance’ tour with ‘A Seaside Rendezvous’ (http://muse.mu/tour-dates,a-seaside-rendezvous-the-den-teignmouth-uk_1577.htm).  It was the first live performance of a lot of their new material from the album and it was just an amazing event for the town.  Muse, being proud Teignmouthians paid for the event to be put on themselves as a way of giving something back to the locals that had given them such strong support.  Admittedly, we did have to pay for the tickets, but with such massive coverage over British and international media, it gave Teignmouth a huge publicity boost.  I’ll never forget the vibrations of the bass guitar literally shaking the seafront as they opened the gig with the track ‘Uprising’, and the fact that all the elderly people who live in the sheltered accommodation that overlooks The Den, were peering out of their windows and eventually joined in with the rest of the crowd for a bit of a boogie!  Check out the clips on You Tube if you want to get a feel of it, the atmosphere was brilliant.

The second big thing we had here was the filming of the Hollywood movie about Donald Crowhurst (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Crowhurst) starring Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz.  It was this time last year (June 2015) that we could look out of kitchen window and see the slightly eerie sight of the Teignmouth Electron out at sea.  The town was buzzing with production teams, cast and crew and it was great to amble around and be taken back to the 1960’s because of all the extras walking around in mini skirts and sharp suits.  There were loads of classic cars parked on the seafront as well to set the scene.  It was also an opportunity for locals to be part of a major movie as all of the extras were cast from a call that was published in the local paper; I couldn’t be part of it as i’m not a (ahem) natural blonde and my highlights weren’t particularly ’60s’!

As I said in an earlier post, we had the Radio 1 Big Weekend at Powderham Castle a few weeks ago.  It may not be in Teignmouth but it’s still very local and a huge event to be staged to close to the town.  If I hadn’t just had a baby and not accepting any bookings, I might have been host to some of the acts that were performing there; I can just imagine Chris Martin (another local) phoning up and asking to book Yannon!

Just a few weeks ago, The Jolly Brise, the ‘world famous, gaff-rigged pilot cutter [that] was the last boat to carry the royal mail under sail’ (http://www.joliebrise.com/) came to the town and docked for the night.  Again, it was a bit event for Teignmouth and created a great feeling in town and on the sea front as lots of people came out to watch it sail into the port.

So to those of you who might think that Teignmouth is a sleepy backwater, think again!  There’s always lots to do and if you’re lucky, you might be staying here when something out of the ordinary is happening.

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