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Baby Friendly Accommodation: Yannon Towers

We’re very ‘baby friendly’ here at Yannon Towers which makes this the perfect holiday accommodation for families with little ones.

The face that we have two boys of our own means that we’ve baby proofed the house and garden and tried to make it as safe as possible for any visitors.  We’ve got baby gates on both sets of stairs, cupboard locks in the kitchen (which I have to say confuse my dear old mum more than they do my 2 year old!) and plug socket covers.  Provisions for comfortable sleeping can also be provided, with travel cots and moses baskets being available if you should need them and there are toys aplenty that can be left out to keep the small people occupied whilst you enjoy the views.

In the bathroom we’ve got a bath seat, baby bath and also have an ingenious invention called a Babydam, find it here, which creates a sealed area inside your bath to help you save water and with the bath that we’ve got, saving water is a must!

Outside, we’ve fenced off an area of the garden so there’s an enclosed space for the children to be completely safe – there’s no escaping from here, again, if you’d like toys to be provided for water play, just let me know.  We’re thinking of getting a jungle gym to go in the grassy area, but can’t decide on a castle or pirate ship.

Along with all the activities that are available in Teignmouth, the fact that the house is so baby and child friendly really does make Yannon Towers the perfect place for your UK holiday.

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