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Food Glorious Food! Catering at Yannon Towers

‘Food glorious food’ I hear you cry.  If you’re staying at Yannon Towers, why not take advantage of the fact that your host was a Masterchef quarter finalist (newspaper article).  I’m happy to cater for small or large parties and can cook anything you want… within reason!

Quite a few guests have asked me to cook for them and the meals have varied from a simple chicken cacciatore to a three course gourmet menu.  The gourmet meal was a goats cheese mousse served with slow roasted garlic tomatoes and a pea shoot salad, followed by five spice duck with carrot puree and rice with a champagne and berry jelly for pudding.

I’ve cooked roasts on a Sunday and made curries for large groups of people.  I’ve only got one request when catering for guests: please don’t ask me to cook foie gras – it’s a disgusting product that I absolutely refuse to go anywhere near.  The producers of Masterchef had kittens when I told them I wouldn’t go near it as it was on the menu for the professional kitchen round and they thought I would be asked to cook it – thankfully I wasn’t and a crisis was averted!

A lot of my cooking is inspired by the time I spent living in Australia, so there’s a strong Asian influence. I love cooking Japanese style teppanyaki beef and seafood dishes and Thai style curries.  I try and cook from recipes but always find that I add things and put my own twist on them.  Some might say my cooking is a bit experimental, but it was my ham and strawberry tart that got me a place on Masterchef!

So if you fancy having a delicious meal cooked for in the luxurious surroundings of Yannon Towers, then get in touch and I can give you a few sample menus.

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